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Time to Reengineer Democracy?

Let's Vote for Issues, Not for People!


We are used to believe that democracy is to elect our leaders by means of our votes. And according to the candidate's platform and programs, we decide what we want.

What if we train, prepare our civil leaders and we just vote to decide important issues?
Isn’t it by training the way every discipline works? Do we vote for the military? Do we vote for the school principal? Do we vote for the firefighters? Or the chief of the police department? No, we train them, all or most of them. However, we accept that the people that run, manage our countries should be elected by us. And then, among many other questions, how well do we know them? Perhaps the media helps us in finding facts about some of them, but the rest, and thousands of them, will be elected regardless of their background, either directly by us or by the people we voted for. We can change that and the sooner, the better. We have to get together, call our best brains, use the internet to get input from everybody that wants to participate, and then decide.

It will not be an overnight solution, of course. First, we have to gather and process ideas and suggestions, study and select the best ones, both using our bright and experienced as well as the people in general, again by using technology in perhaps a novel way. We then create a preliminary plan to start the design of the new system. There is no obligation to maintain our governments’ actual structures, we can certainly keep some and change others. We then have to create the positions and careers for those who want to serve their country in the different fields, be it education, public transportation, environment, energy, jobs, health, etc. Once this is achieved, and after it is properly approved by the people, we can happily start the implementation, open to changes as we advance.

In about 30 or 40 years we should finish this implementation, step by step and as we advance in replacing the present structure. By then, say around the year 2,040, we shouldn’t be concerned with electing people anymore, we will have our own performing their duties. No more vices attached to election processes, no more time wasted in learning about newcomers, no more of many things we don’t like.

We will be voting then for issues and policies, and where our vote is worth as much as we know about that matter, i.e., no more ignorance having any weight in our democracies.

The above is a general idea that does not pretend to be a final guide of what to do. It is the experienced and the youngsters interested in a civil career the chosen to fulfill the dream.

Can we now start dreaming in leaving our kids a better world?

Written by Efraín M. Martresa
Coconut Creek, Florida, U.S.A.






From India, Vinish Garg wrote about this page in his blog.